Projects Page

  • Dec 2019

    Observer App is user friendly application to observe the students behaviour through the time spent for writing, thinking time during the examinations

  • Nov 2019

    A QR code scan based Application to create and maintain work schedules for the workers in a company with face capture security feature.

  • Nov 2019

    An App for Bannari Amman Institute of Technology people to connect with - Website, Camps, Contacts, Blog, Mail, etc..

  • Apr 2019

    A Native Android App for knowing about various events and its information for students, and Admin can inform the eligible/prize won students to users through the app

  • Feb 2019
    Sathy Connect

    This app furnishes information about your place and is intended for public service and information purposes only.

  • Dec 2018

    In order to keep our environment as plastic and pollution free, the project “Wealth out of Waste” will help to create an impact in the mind of the public to save nature by providing credits for depositing plastic cans in the box.

  • Dec 2018
    Need For Service (user)

    The User side application of Need for Service (Supervisor) app, where user can register a complaint and the supervisor takes action prior to complaint.

  • Nov 2018

    To Monitor the status of Glucose level in each patient room from the nurse station and get alerts through the display device by the concern Doctors from their place.

  • Nov 2018
    NEED FOR SERVICE (Supervisor)

    In some of the public services, the supervisor feels difficulty to assign work for their employees according to the user complaints. The project “Need for Service” will help the supervisor to recover the complaints filed by their user immediately. This will help to bring satisfaction in their customer servicing. In user end also, they will feel free to complain using the provided hardware in their places.

  • Sep 2018
    Students Discipline Activity

    In house App for monitoring the discipline activities of the students. Report generation is also included in the form of Printable Document.

  • Aug 2018
    Poultry Assist

    Poultry Assist is a must have application for those who are using Artificial Egg Incubating System for egg hatching. App reminds you on the day of hatch through the calendar and mail. Educates with the advanced methods in egg selection, pre incubation and post incubating process in detail with clear image guidance. Informs about the common poultry disease and its prevention and also the regular vaccines to be given to chicks.

  • Jun 2018

    An Android app to control the household electronic items like Fans, Tube light, etc., using IOT with the Raspberry Pi controller.

  • Jun 2018

    A Native App for surfing through our college website bitsathy.ac.in and includes navigation menus for easy access. Google Play Store